Medical History


1. Head Injury and facial fractures (Broken nose, broken jaw, smashed right maxillary sinus, orbital blowout, lost the right eye, severe facial lacerations)
2. Major Abdominal Injury
3. Fractured Pelvis
4. Neck Injury
5. Back Injury
6. Cuts and grazes to right leg

-Head injury with loss of consciousness
–(GCS score 11/15) -Sedated for intubation and mechanical ventilation
-Resuscitated on scene (Defibrillator)
-Post traumatic amnesia after accident
-Possible mild form of epilepsy or increased risk of posttraumatic epilepsy estimated at 2-5%

Axial non contrast CT brain scan on 27.04.2004  -“….Multiple facial fractures including the nasal bone, lamina papyracea bilaterally, the inferior and lateral walls of the right orbit, the maxillary sinus on the right, and the zygomatic arch on the right. Right eye completely distorted with no normal anatomy. Opacified paranasal sinuses were noted. Further base of skull fractures could not be excluded on the axial scan. No intracranial abnormalities reported…”

FRACTURED PELVIS (Examination comments – Orthopaedic surgeon ) -“Fracture of the right iliac blade, healed with significant anatomical distortion” -“Possible injuries to both sacro iliac joints, damage either to the soft tissue surrounding the hip in the form of joint capsule or muscle or tendon surrounding the hip joint.”


Haemoperitoneum of 400ml, Transection of proximal small bowel, Tears of the mesocolon, Scattered haematomas of the small and large bowel, Small bowel resection of the jejunum performed as well anastomosis completed, Haemostasis effected and washout performed.

Relook laparotomy performed 29/03/2004, pensil drain inserted and washout performed.

Medical Report by (Gastroenterologist surgeon)
-20% Chance of developing adhesive bowel obstruction
-10-15% of incisional hernia
-Reduced chance of pregnancy due to adhesions from laparotomy

NECK INJURY – with Unstable C1/C2 with disc narrowing at around C5 level

BACK INJURY – Lumbar Spine – Spondylolisthesis (L5)


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